Blaze a Trail to Microservices

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Welcome to ALKOTEK

Are you about to start a new project? Or extend the existing one? And
that project is full stack development that covers database modeling, server side business logic development, and modern web client with responsive UI?

If yes, then you at the right place, especially if you are a small team, or even a solo developer

Regardless of the business domain you are automating, any distributed database backed application require for each round trip certain number of separate components written in different languages and executed within multiple layers. All those components have to be build and work collaboratively to solve a concrete domain feature before you can demonstrate it to a user.

This project will help you to speed up the initial development of a web application by providing examples and tools to generate those components from a database model.

It utilizes Angular with ng-bootstrap UI, ASP.NET Core, and SQL Server.


Angular.NET reference application implements design patterns and provides full stack working code that you can copy, paste and modify as necessary.



DevCode application generates full stack code by scaffolding the database model.



Describes architecture and design consideration for all software pieces that comprise microservices.